In every school, but particularly in an early childhood program, the basic philosophy is the inspiration for and foundation of, the specific curriculum. The educational goal of The William Woodward Jr. Nursery School is to provide a setting in which children are nurtured in all areas of development - social, emotional, intellectual and physical.

Children are active learners and learn from their experiences. From the moment of birth, they are experiencing and discovering the world through their senses. In cheerful, child centered classrooms, children are encouraged to learn by exploring, trying, and doing. Teachers trained in early childhood education act as facilitators, guiding children to learn through play. At Woodward, we help prepare children both for the academics and for life, by fostering in them a healthy ego and sense of self, an inner discipline, respect, and empathy for others, gradually increasing independence, and an awareness that they are an important part of the community.

Our school community is national and international and we work together to understand and appreciate our unique differences. The staff is skilled in developing communication between native English-speaking children, and children whose primary language is other than English. The diversity of families at Woodward enriches us all.